Who is O’Donnell? A lorry driver found guilty of the death of teacher Chloe Morrison

Chloe Morrison
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Who is O’Donnell? Lorry driver blamed for teacher Chloe Morrison’s death:- School teacher Chloe Morrison died on October 24, 2019 after being hit by some iron rods thrown from the lorry. According to reports, Chloe Morrison Morrison was only 26 years old. Recently, the High Court in Glasgow announced that the case will be adjourned till October 19.

What happened to Chloe Morrison?

On 24 October 2019, a school teacher, Chloe Morrison, was hit by some iron bars coming from a lorry driven by John O’Donnell. He died a few hours after the accident. The accident happened from Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire to Skye in the United Kingdom. Locals called the police after the accident and Chloe Morrison was taken to a nearby hospital, but she could not be saved and died the same day. Later, the police started investigating the entire case.

John O’Donnell, the lorry driver accused of murdering Chloe Morrison, has been arrested by police because he was not careful with iron bars in his truck. A lorry driver has been found guilty of murdering a nursery teacher.

According to the driver of the lorry, John O’Donnell stayed overnight before proceeding to the destination. He told the officer that he stayed there because there was a storm that day, and he was not trained enough to go into storms.

Judge’s statement

In their verdict, the jury found John O’Donnell guilty of murdering Chloe Morrison, saying that John O’Donnell had failed to check the part of the steel bar that almost protruded from the lorry and killed Chloe Morrison. was put The school teacher died due to multiple fractures from the iron bars. The judges have also said that the hearing of the case will be adjourned for some time from now till 19 October 2022.

Accused John O’Donnell remained on bail despite the court’s decision to temporarily stay the case. Members of Chloe Morrison’s family broke down and wept when Glasgow High Court announced the case would go ahead. However, members of Chloe Morrison’s family have said they have faith in the justice system.

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