What will happen if there is a mistake in sending money through UPI in haste?

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There are three types of errors that are likely to occur while sending an amount through UPI:

1. We make a mistake in writing UPI number or ID.

Such a mistake is not costly because the transaction is not successful, there is no UPI number or ID, otherwise the money does not go to our account.

2. We send the amount to whom we want to send, but write the wrong amount by mistake.

In this mistake, if the amount is written less, then the title is not there, but if the amount is written more, the title is bigger! The possibility of error in writing the amount is very high, if a minute or any other digit is added at the end, the error becomes very large. In such a mistake, if the person receiving the amount is in front of him, then the additional amount can be recovered by communicating with him. If it is not possible to contact the person or company directly, they should try to get the refund by calling or notifying them via email.

3. We send money to wrong person.

Such a mistake can be the most serious. If we scan the QR code and pay with UPI, then the amount goes to the account of the person to whom we have to pay. But when we have to send amount by giving mobile number or UPI address then there is possibility of our own human error.

Chances of error are less because when we give the phone number or UPI address, the UPI app verifies the UPI address and tells us the name of the person or company associated with that UPI address. After confirming this, if we transfer the amount, then it is obvious that the amount to be given to that person will reach the person’s account. However, many times we make a mistake in haste and the amount is transferred to the wrong person’s account.

In this case, we have to contact our bank immediately and inform them about this error. It is also necessary to save the screenshot of the transaction success message. With these details if we meet the bank manager in person then give him a written application, our bank will contact the bank account in which the amount has gone by mistake and the account holder who has received the amount by mistake. And if that person gives approval, we will return the amount to us. can come into account Thus there are many ifs and thens in this whole matter.

The UPI system is very easy and fast, a lot of efforts have been made to make it secure and error-proof, but human error is possible. The biggest problem is that the amount is directly withdrawn from our bank account. In bank debit card we can set amount limit from ATM or at the time of purchase, in UPI no such limit can be set, so if there is any mistake in data and such amount is khata, then palak jakhapta nikalti hai sum! Understanding this limitation, it is important to be careful while using UPI.

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