Twitter Down: Twitter stalled in many countries, find out what’s the reason?

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If the social media platforms Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are shut down, thousands of users will face problems. Once again, there are reports that the service of thousands of Twitter users around the world has been disrupted. Thousands of people have complained about the downfall of social media platform Twitter. This problem has occurred on Twitter due to a technical problem. Its greatest impact is being seen in the US and the UK. Twitter was down in many countries, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco.

In which cities was this problem found?

Users in many Indian cities, including Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad, could not access Twitter.

Accounts of thousands of users closed

The problem seen in Twitter in the country was that thousands of users logged out of their own accounts.

The technical data tracking website has a data hundred about Twitter. Was. According to which 500 users reported that the service was stopped from 6 pm.

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