Coconut oil: Coconut oil without cream will make the skin glow

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Take care of your hair with coconut oil. Have you ever used this oil for skin care? Divya can be applied on the face. It also improves the skin. But this does not mean that all skin types have the same effect.

This oil has many properties. If coconut oil is kept overnight, then there is no need to apply any cream on the face. The fatty acids present in this oil make the skin dry.

However, for this to happen, it is necessary to apply coconut oil on the face overnight. This exercise is certainly effective in some cases. This oil is especially good for those who have slightly dry skin. But one habit will not work for everyone.

If you apply coconut oil on oily skin overnight, the opposite can happen. Instead of increasing the skin area, some problems may increase.

  •  If you apply coconut oil overnight, you are most likely to get acne.
  •  Coconut oil can give the problem of black heads at home.
  •  Applying coconut oil overnight can cause small rashes on the face.

Coconut oil generally enhances immunity. But it is better not to apply coconut oil at that time if antibiotics have been used. At that time the body remains warm. Coconut oil keeps the skin warm. Overall sweating of face. Acne mainly affects people.

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