Putin said: America is trying to prolong the war in Ukraine

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Kyiv/Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the US of prolonging the war in Ukraine for no reason. On the other hand, it has also been reported that there have been heavy explosions on Russian military bases in the Kimia Peninsula under Russian control.

Even though the Russia-Ukraine war is now raging, the UNO and Turkey reached an agreement and sent a ship full of grain from Ukraine to starve Africa.

Speaking at a security conference in Cameroon, President Putin said that the situation in Ukraine shows that the US wants to prolong the war. Not only this, he is using the people of Ukraine as ‘cannon fodder’ (cannon fodder) and because of this he is giving arms and war material to Ukraine.

The news further stated that another large explosion occurred on Tuesday at a Russian weapons depot in the Russian-controlled Crimean peninsula. The Kremlin likewise thinks that the blast was brought about by a rocket assault by Ukrainian powers. Russia described the explosion near Meskoi village in Zankoi district as ‘sabotage’, but did not name anyone behind the explosion.

A week before Tuesday’s blast, one person was killed in a similar explosion at a military base in Russia’s Crimea.

“There are no warehouses in Russian-occupied Crimea, so attackers and thieves are at risk of death,” Mykhilo Podoliak, an adviser to Ukraine’s president, said of the explosion in Zhankoye on Tuesday.

Russia’s Tass news agency says Ukraine downed high-voltage towers in the Crimea region near Ukraine earlier this month. On the other hand, Russia has launched a heavy attack in the area of ​​oil refinery located in Lysia of Luhansk province. Apart from this, Ukrainian President Zelensky has warned about Russia’s attack on Zaporizhia, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, that Europe is also at risk of (radiation). French President Macron also spoke to Putin.

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