President of Taiwan will receive a delegation from Japan: China will feel chilly

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Tokyo: Everyone knows that tensions between China and the US have increased since US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. In the midst of this tension, Japan has also entered.

Foreign Ministry of Taiwan Ong Tur Hand welcomed the visit of Japanese politicians. According to a Taiwan News report, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has welcomed the visit to Taiwan by Furuya Keiji, chairman of the ‘Advisory Council’ made up of members of the Japan-ROC Diet (Parliament) and the Secretary General of the Council. Ketara Minoru

All that is known is that the Chinese military was studying around Taiwan. But even after the end of this military exercise, the Chinese warships did not return to Chinese soil, they still ‘fly’ around Taiwan. (cutting the wheel first).

On the other hand, the US cannot afford to leave Taiwan because if it leaves Taiwan, the allies will lose their trust. Show that we have started military exercises with its 17 allies. India also launched a military exercise named ‘Operation-17’.

More importantly, Taiwan’s President Tsai-Ing-wen has an iron chest. Educated at Harvard and Oxford, the President holds an MA in International Relations from Harvard. He earned a PhD degree at Oxford with a thesis on ‘International Business’. F 16V fighters can fire 511 rounds. A minute while China is also soon to test-fire its carrier killer missile – DF 21-D. While China’s ‘all-weather friend’ North Korea is a nuclear one – armed with missiles with a range of 12,500 miles.

Thus preparations for the final battle have already been made by both sides. That’s why the top US diplomat on East Asia, Denier Kryten Brink, has said that the situation has become so tense that a war between China and Taiwan could break out at any time.

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