New information has been revealed in the study of Bruce Lee’s death

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When it comes to martial arts, the name that comes to mind all over the world is Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee brought his martial art to the world through acting on screen. This extraordinary artist died in 1973 at the age of 32. Currently, scientists have started a new search for the cause of Bruce Lee’s death. And based on that research, scientists claim, martial arts legend and actor Bruce Lee drank a lot of water. As a result of which he developed brain swelling in his head and died from there.

Doctors also believe that Bruce Lee’s brain swelled due to an overdose of painkillers. According to a group of researchers, one of the causes of Bruce Lee’s death is hyponatremia. This disease occurs when sodium levels in the body are reduced by drinking too much water. This causes body cells, especially brain cells, to become unbalanced and swollen. Bruce Lee had other risk factors for hyponatremia. According to scientists, Brucelli’s kidneys eventually failed.

As a result, kidney failure is determined. Bruce Lee’s wife Linda Lee Cadwell once revealed that Bruce Lee drank carrot and apple juice. In 2018, Matthew Polley, who published a book on the life of Bruce Lee, also mentioned drinking water daily. Surprisingly, Bruce Lee has a famous quote – ‘Water is my friend’. But researchers believe that excess water ultimately killed Bruce Lee. So drinking water regularly is definitely better. But if we regularly drink more water, our body will rebel.

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