Myles Frost talks about the impact of playing Michael Jackson on Broadway and his Tony win

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When Myles Frost stepped into his iconic penny loafers to portray Michael Jackson in the hugely successful MJ: The Musical, it must have scared any newcomer to the Great White Way.

Nevertheless, Frost, who lacked formal training in musical theater and never aspired to be a Broadway performer, immersed himself in studying the late great entertainer for six months to play the role of Michael Jackson. He then directed whatever concerns he had.

As a Jackson fan, Frost performed “Billie Jean” at his Thomas Wootton High School talent show in 2016. While watching in the audience, his mother recorded his performance on her iPad and uploaded the footage to YouTube; Unexpectedly, her simple and helpful move would catalyze Frost’s career.

Five years later, as a junior studying music technology at Bowie State University, a historically black college in Maryland, he received a call from his acting coach, who directed Frost’s video for MJ with music director Jason Michael Webb. was shared.

“On the morning of my sister’s birthday, May 27 of last year, I got a call from my acting coach, Lelund Durand Thompson, who I was actually meeting at the time,” Frost said on Universe of Self.

“There goes, man, I want to tell you, I woke up this morning with something in my heart, and something told me to look up your name on YouTube, and the first thing that came up was Miles. Frost was Billy the Gene.” …

The conversation proved futile as Thompson told her about a potential opportunity for which he would be “[a] perfect”. Frost assured his acting coach that he could perform Jackson’s signature move. Frost didn’t tell Thompson that she hadn’t danced in five years, but she didn’t let that stop her from the life-changing moment.

Through a series of trials, Frost assumed the coveted role and immediately consumed a large amount of research on Jackson. He learned the iconic pop star’s moves, his every gravity-defying tilt, toe stand, kick, and, of course, the intent, meaning, and vision behind the legendary Moon.

“Working with Rich and Tone Taluega, who danced with Michael all the way through the History World Tour,” Frost told Black Enterprise, “you see their brilliance, you see their intensity. You start learning about his reasoning for . Why, that’s what James Brown did. Much of the movement was about the brothers, imitating Jackson’s voice, but his biggest challenge was respecting the King of Pop’s mentality.

“It’s one thing to be able to execute moves that many copycats do. But to know which chala kahan aur kis geet में है, each song is essentially a different character.

“‘Billie Jean’ is a completely different character than ‘Bad,’ and ‘Bad’ is a completely different character than ‘Beat It,’ and ‘Beat It’ is a completely different character than ‘Smooth Criminal,'” Frost produced. said Jackson. A chart-topping track to do.

Theater critics and fans have emphasized Jackson’s authentic and honest portrayal of Frost, which stems from how relatable he was to the musical genius who spoke publicly about his troubled childhood. However, the Broadway production does not explore Jackson’s tainted legacy due to allegations of child abuse. According to The New York Times, Frost wants people to leave the theater with a deep understanding of best-selling entertainment and the dedication they put into their careers to reach the highest levels of global stardom.

Frost is working towards becoming a recording artist, and like Jackson, he draws inspiration from other artists and sympathizes with Jackson’s relationship with his father and mother.

“That was the beginning of me feeling connected to the role,” he says.

“When I’m in certain scenes and interacting with Joseph, there are emotions and feelings that I’m pulling from my personal life.”

The Tony Award winner admits he’s not looking forward to tapping into those bad feelings eight times a week, but he still welcomes the opportunity for audiences to get a glimpse of him as a person. In addition, Frost maintained a rigorous schedule of acting, singing, and dancing on stage, allowing theatergoers to learn more about him through Jackson’s lens. Keeping was to be mastered.

All their sacrifices paid off with Frost winning the Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical, the youngest winner in the category in the award show’s history.

“It was the calmest, craziest moment of my life because I went into it with no expectations,” admits she had never seen Tony and enjoyed the new experience with her mother and sister.

Today, most fans will be celebrating Jackson’s 64th birthday and music. Frost says he doesn’t have a favorite song because he respects and loves all of Jackson’s songs. However, he named the 13-time Grammy-winning artist’s top three songs from his collection: “Rock With You,” “Heaven Can Wait,” and “Billie Jean” because of their emotional value.

As Frost continues to dazzle fans with music, he plans to release original music in the future.

“When it’s time to come out, and I know it’s something the world is going to be very excited about,” he declares confidently.

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