Indian women assaulted, threatened with guns in ‘I Hate You Indians’ in Texas

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America: A shameful case of racial attack on women of Indian origin has come to light in America. An American-Maxine woman not only abused 4 Indian women on the streets of Texas but also threatened to shoot them with a gun after beating them. After the video of this incident went viral on social media, the Mexican police arrested the accused woman.

The incident happened on Wednesday night. Four women of Indian origin were heading to the parking lot after having dinner at a hotel in Dallas, Texas. She is a woman of Mexican-American descent. The Mexican-American woman abused her with racial slurs and profanity. The American woman also slapped the Indian woman. The woman said, ‘I hate Indians. All Indians come to America looking for a superior life. He continued to abuse women of Indian origin. The accused woman said that she was born in America but wherever she goes, she sees only Indians. In India, life is good, why do you come here?

The video is going viral on social media

A person who posted the video of the incident on social media wrote, ‘My mother and her 3 friends went to Dallas for dinner. They were returning to the parking lot when a Mexican-American woman approached them. He started hurling racial slurs at the four. My mother kept urging him not to do it. Seeing his misbehavior increasing, my mother started video recording him. Seeing this, the woman got angry and started beating her mother and her friends.

The police arrested the woman

The accused Mexican-American woman has been identified as Esmeralda Upton of Plano, Texas. Police in Plano, Texas, arrested a woman named Esmerald Opton by Thursday afternoon after the video went viral. He was accused of making racist remarks and threatening terrorist attacks. A fine of 10 thousand US dollars has also been imposed on Esmeralda. In fact, the distance between Plano and Dallas is only 31 km. After this video went viral on social media, the Indian-American community living in America has reacted strongly to it.

The American leader has also responded to this issue

Asian-American leader Reema Rasool has also tweeted. He said in his tweet, ‘It was a scary experience. The lady likewise had a firearm and needed to fire ladies of Indian beginning with it. The woman had a problem with her English pronunciation. Action should be taken against the accused woman in this heinous crime.

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