Cristiano Ronaldo: What steps did ‘CR Seven’ take to get rid of rape charges?

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Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused of rape by American model Katherine Mayorga in the Cristiano Ronaldo rape case. A few days ago a Las Vegas court acquitted CR Seven from that incident. This time, the Portuguese superstar filed a defamation suit against the model and demanded a compensation of around Rs 5 crore. Rumor has it that Ronaldo’s lawyer has already sent a letter to Catherine’s lawyer.

Ronaldo’s lawyer Peter Christiansen has sought compensation in a Las Vegas court. The court has given notice to Catherine’s lawyer, Leslie. It is said that Leslie’s client has filed a false case against Ronaldo. This has tarnished Ronaldo’s image. Therefore, he has to pay about six lakh dollars as compensation. However, Leslie is yet to respond to the notice. They have to respond by July 8.

In 2016, Catherine surprised everyone by accusing Cristiano-Ronaldo of rape. The Manchester United star went to “Las Vegas in 2009 for the end of the season. Catherine claimed that Ronaldo raped her in a hotel there. He said that the Portuguese superstar had given him money to have sex. Ronaldo’s fans were surprised to hear such allegations about the favorite star. Ronaldo denies every allegation.

Within days of the court hearing, Catherine requested that the matter be settled in exchange for money. But the court will decide, Ronaldo is adamant on this decision. A Las-Vegas court eventually acquitted “Ronaldo of all charges. Catherine was reprimanded. Describing the case as baseless, the court ruled that Catherine could not sue Ronaldo in the future. As a result, Ronaldo’s demand for compensation is disliked, but most likely the American model will have to fulfill it.

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