Covid-19 threat of fourth wave: concern in the country’s corona graph, increase in the number of daily deaths

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The country’s corona graph is once again raising concerns. Although there has been a decrease in daily infections, it is still around 16,000. number of daily deaths has also increased. According to the data of the Union Health Ministry, 15,940 people have been infected with corona in the last 24 hours. The number of daily victims yesterday stood at 16,338.

In the last 24 hours, 20 people have died due to corona in the country. The daily death toll was 13 yesterday. So far 5 lakh 24 thousand 964 people have died due to corona in the country. The total nomber of victims is 4 crore 33 lakh 8 thousand 434. The Nomber of active case in the country is also increasing. The total number of active patients has gone up to 91,069.

At the same time, according to the Daily Mail, a chemical accident happened in a lab in Wuhan province of China. The first infection was estimated to occur in 2019. Discussing COVID-19 and other issues, Hu’s chief said that it has been almost two and a half years since the COVID case was identified. But there is still no ans as to where it came from and how it spread within the group.

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