Colombo: The husband was loving another girl in a dream, the wife poured hot water on him

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Colombo: Husband-wife incidents are often heard where the relationship is broken due to a third person. But you must be with the wife in the dream

Many incidents of extramarital affairs are heard. However, this incident can be said to be completely different. Husband-wife incidents are often heard where there is a rift in the relationship due to a third person. But you must not have heard of cheating with your wife in your dreams.

The Bolivian incident

Not only that, the husband has to pay the ultimate price for it. The incident took place in Bolivia, South America. When he saw another woman in a dream, his angry wife poured boiling water on his sleeping husband. The wife has also been arrested for this.

The accused wife said

“My husband is 45 years old,” she told local media. In his sleep he was talking to her by the name of another woman and expressing his love for her.

And then he did the right thing. “I am just happy to see it,” he said. I went to the kitchen and brought a pot full of boiling water and poured it all over his body.

Police said

According to police, the husband’s hands, back, genitals and other parts of his body were badly burnt due to the boiling water. He was later taken to the hospital.

An attempt is being made to find out whether the husband himself reported the incident to the police or the neighbors reported the matter after hearing screams. The local administration has started an investigation into the matter. There was a lot of noise in this incident.

“This is not the first time such a deadly attack on a husband has been carried out by his wife,” said Jua Jun Jose, deputy director of the Special Crime Fighting Forces. Earlier, the woman had tried to set fire to her husband by sprinkling alcohol on him.

However, it was not known that the woman attacked her husband at that time. If that woman were to take such a step because of her nightmares, it would be very heartbreaking.

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