China has imposed sanctions on seven Taiwanese leaders and officials

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  • China’s announcement after Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan
  • Banned from working to promote Taiwan’s pro-independence agenda: China

China has banned seven pro-independence Taiwanese leaders and officials in the wake of a visit to Taiwan by diplomats from several countries on Tuesday. It also includes a Taipei representative based in Washington.

It is worth noting that in the beginning of August, the chairperson of the American House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, visited Taiwan. Last week, Lithuania’s Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications, EU member Agne¬†Vaiciukeviciute, also visited Taiwan.

China has already banned Pelosi and Agnes. China fears that other high-ranking US officials will visit Taiwan after Pelosi.

China said in a statement that seven Taiwanese leaders and officials have also been banned because they have worked to advance Taiwan’s pro-independence agenda.

The Taiwan Affairs Office of the Communist Party of China said on Tuesday that banned leaders and officials and their family members would not be able to enter mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. They will not be able to trade in mainland China.

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