Boris Johnson is Britain’s worst prime minister: say 49 per cent in an online survey

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LONDON – British people have named soon-to-be-outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson as the worst-performing prime minister since the war in a poll.

1111 people participated in the Ipsos online survey. This online survey asked to rate British Prime Ministers since 1945.

49 percent of people who took part in the survey said that Johnson has done a bad job as Prime Minister. 41 per cent said Theresa May was the worst Prime Minister. According to 38% of people, David Cameron was the worst Prime Minister.

As per 62% of individuals, Winston Churchill was the best Prime Minister. Margaret Thatcher was the best Prime Minister according to 43 percent of people. Tony Blair was the best Prime Minister according to 36% of people.

Essentially, Johnson is presently on a goodbye visit through Britain. Boris Johnson will officially step down as Prime Minister of the UK as soon as the name of the new Prime Minister is announced.

In the final days of his prime ministership, Johnson was pushing to make nuclear power cheaper and cleaner. He criticized the opposition saying that the Labor government has done nothing to develop the nuclear industry in 13 years.

It is worth noting that tomorrow i.e. September 2 is the last day for Conservative Party individuals to decide in favor of the new Prime Minister. The name of the new Prime Minister will be declared on September 5 and the new Prime Minister will be selected on September 6. Most polls currently show Liz Truss to win the Prime Ministerial election and Rishi Sanak to lose.

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