American police brutality: Man knocked to the ground, kicked and punched

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A video of police brutality has surfaced in the American state of Arkansas. Three police officers in Crawford County, Arkansas, have since been suspended. In a video shared on social media, he is seen beating up a man in the parking lot. The lead representative said the state police would examine the occurrence.

In a video that went viral on social media, a police officer punches a man repeatedly and brutally, often hitting his head on cement tiles. Another police officer repeatedly kicks the fallen man’s lower body while a third police officer holds the man down.

Two of them are police officers who work for the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office and the third is an officer with the Mulberry City Police Department. Arkansas Governor S. Hutchinson said state police are investigating the incident. He said in a tweet that he had spoken with Arkansas State Police Col. Bill Bryant and that the local arrest incident in Crawford County would be investigated based on video evidence and requests from prosecutors.

Crawford County Sheriff James Dimante said in a statement that the two officers involved in the incident have been suspended pending an investigation report. Demante said in a statement posted on Facebook that he holds all of his employees accountable for their actions and that appropriate action will be taken in the matter.

Mulberry police said in a separate statement that one of their officers was involved in the incident captured on video. He has been suspended pending the state police’s investigation report. A Facebook post said the Mulberry City Police Department takes these types of investigations very seriously. We will make a fitting move after the examination is finished.

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