A controversy has arisen over a fashion show held in the extremist Muslim country of Saudi Arabia

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The fashion show has sparked controversy in Saudi Arabia, known for Islamic extremism and strict rules for women. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has started to step in step with the modern world and give women in Saudi Arabia the rights they never dreamed of. The Saudi fashion industry is also going through this period of change. However, due to the reforms being made for women in the country, Prince Salman has become the target of extremists.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman believes that the role of women is very important for the success of Vision 2030. So many changes are happening in Saudi now, which sometimes seemed impossible. Under this change, a style week was as of late coordinated in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Thus, in 2018, a fashion week was organized for the first time in Saudi Arabia, but this time it was organized on a grand scale. 18 designers participated in this fashion week.

However, because of this fashion week, Prince Salman has come under the target of fanatics. Fundamentalist Muslims are questioning whether this man is fit to be Sultan in a country with two holy mosques. A female influencer described this fashion week as an embarrassment to the country. He said, I knew that this show is a mixed show, where there will be both women and men. A few residents likewise addressed why such projects were being permitted.

Many social changes have taken place in Saudi Arabia since Mohammed bin Salman was declared the crown prince. Now women can drive here, the gender gap has reduced significantly and women can go to some places for entertainment. Fashion week is also considered as one such event. Sovereign Salman needs to change the country by 2030. So now the participation of women has also increased.

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