Know about the memorial of 8 martyrs of India in Israel, the city that was liberated from Turkish occupation

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During the First World War in 1918, 8 Indian soldiers were martyred and 34 were wounded for the liberation of Haifa city from Turkish occupation. This place in Israel is known today as the Indian Soldier Memorial. The Indian Cavalry Brigade was instrumental in the Battle of Haifa City.

Haifa Day is regularly celebrated by the Indian Army every year to remember the martyrdom of the soldiers in this Haifa. The cavalrymen of the princely states of Jodhpur, Hyderabad and Mysore took part in this battle. Although the country called Israel was not formed at that time, Haifa is today the third largest city in Israel.

On 23 September 1998, British Indian cavalry captured the city of Haifa and attacked the Ottoman Turks. In this battle, the Turkish army was equipped with weapons such as machine guns and artillery. Whereas Indian soldiers had traditional weapons like spears and swords. However, the soldiers showed bravery and defeated the Turkish soldiers. In addition, Haifa also houses a memorial to 49 Commonwealth soldiers during the First World War.

Regarding the contribution of the soldiers of the brigade, it is written in the History of the Haifa War that the Indian cavalry fought with extraordinary valor. Even machine gun bullets could not stop these cavalrymen from advancing.

Today the city of Haifa, with a population of 2.85 million, is home to Jews, Arabs and Russian immigrants. Haifa Port was known as a major trading center until 1948, when the entire area was occupied by Britain. Haifa was also an important center in the Arab-Israeli War of June 1948. It is still the second most important port city in Israel today.

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